Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the famous chicken restaurants in the world chicken restaurant chain. In 90 different countries KFC have more than 13,000 branches with many competitors. KFC Franchises Corporation was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1890 thus named Kentucky Colonel. Now it elaborates to 13,266 KFC franchises around the world. ( Sally Cochran, 2010)

KFC Group values, vision and mission:

KFC is focusing on customer satisfaction and product quality and it is the part of Yum! Brands in 1977. KFC values organisational profitability and improve shareholder value in year after year. KFC’s mission consists of quick service, quality product and clean atmosphere.

Management style:

KFC is following a democratic management style. It is encouraging staffs to delegate other group members to get things done. A democratic management style is responsible and it is more effective when authority to perform the task is granted at the same time. KFC is giving importance to the employee’s safety very strictly.

1.3 Justification of the elements that making a group effective in achieving its objectives and tasks


Planning is a process of management involves setting of goals and objectives and trying to obtain those goals and objectives. Planning is also consisting of vision and mission of an organisation and its strategizing. Planning is a process beginning with environmental scanning to show the awareness of economic conditions and other factors.

Strategic planning:

It involves the SWOT analysis of an organisation (group) and it is based on the organisation’s mission.

KFC SWOT analysis

Strength·         Recipe of 11 spices and herbs.

·         Brand.

·         World-wide chain

·         Top most amongst competitors.

·         Expensive.

·         They only focus on high level customers.

·         Less variety of product.

·         Expensive.

·         They only focus on high level customers.

·         Less variety of product.

·         Bird diseases.

·         Serious health diseases.

·         PETA (animal rights).

·         Competitors.

·         Changing customer demands.


Leading the group consist of influence over others. it has a several process to pass as follows

·        Recognize the group process.

·        Organize discussions or meetings.

·        Make the goal and task clear to the group members.

·        Hold the group on target.

·        Reward group members.

·        Give feedback for their performance.

·        Measure the success for both achievements and performance.


Controlling involves ensuring that the performance of group members doesn’t deviate from the organisation’s standards and rules. Controlling is also consisting of the unit of product, quality or customer service.

·        The manager must be able to control himself and other member in the group.

·        Ensure others are working under the group norms.

·        Responsible to solve the problem.